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A Frescher-Southern Communique


We've got another one for you, coming up right on the heels of SXSW — this time with electro luminaries Plastic Sleeves and R9 from Down Low Records and a slate of local performers. And we're already up to #10 -- in less than one year! Cool! Thanks to everyone for the support. We're looking forward to the next ten...

- Josh Knowles

Oscillate Night 10

Join us for another night of electronic music and friends...

Thursday, March 24th, 10pm - 2am


705 Red River



Plastic Sleeves

(Bunker Records / Down Low, Dallas, TX)

Plastic Sleeves, a mysterious techno and electro producer currently residing in Dallas, is one of the few among us with intimate knowledge of not only the past, but also the future. Perhaps he's even been there. His releases on Down Low (Dallas) and Bunker Records (The Netherlands) certainly seem to be the work of an expert time-traveler. In any case, he's crafted a sound that's rooted in the old school — echoing the genius of 1980s pioneers like Kraftwerk, Cybotron, and Model 500 — yet done in his own sinister style. Squelchy machine blurps and burbles rest on beds of melodic synth pads while distorted vocals are delivered from the infinite void of space. All the while, vintage drum machines go boom, locking in grooves that — to use one of the artist's own song titles — are utterly "robosexual." Best of all, Plastic Sleeves somehow recreates this music live, putting on a show that's becomes legendary to those lucky enough to catch one of his rare freakathons.


(Down Low, Dallas, TX)

The Down Low sound is on, all right, and to prove that point we're having another member of it's crew, R9 (Rick Simpson), drop a serious DJ set full of classic and contemporary machine-funk jams. When R9 hits the decks, class is in session. No number 2 pencils required. Sensible footwear recommended.

Also Playing:


(Frescher-Southern, Austin, TX)

DXM (Josh Knowles) has gracing his hometown with his laptop sets for several years now, dropping computer science like no other. It's electro and tech-house-flavored IDM (without all the stuffiness) that's full of microsounds and digi-beats that you never knew existed. [Website]

DJs Majora y Minora

(Frescher-Southern, Austin, TX)

DJs Majora y Minora (Hillary Cardwell, Eric Wallenstein) -- fresh from gigs at Oscillate Night 07 and AMODA's Digital Showcase 31 -- will be playing host all evening long. With their arsenal of obscure vinyl plates that covers everything from italo-disco tearjerkers to electro-breakdance floorburners to groundbreaking tech-house moodsetters, these locals will be making sure the beats don't quit as they drop that pressure you won't hear anywhere else.

Spuz Köpter

Spuz Köpter is an entirely different animal — er, machine. Expect cinematic moodiness and playful grooves from this nightflight captain.

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you there!

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