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This time out we've got more goodness from Merck, this time in the form of Portland's star laptop virtuoso Deceptikon and our own local texture-scaper Proem. And Hillary and Eric -- Majora and Minora, respectively -- are guest hosting, so be on your best behavior. And props to them for all their work. Rawk!

- Josh Knowles

Oscillate Night 09

Join us for another night of electronic music and friends...

Friday, March 4th, 10pm - 2am


705 Red River




(Merck, Portland, OR)

Deceptikon (Zach Wright), a lone laptop wizard from the Pacific Northwest, has been busy transcending the losing streak of his namesake. For starters, this adept and mysterious hip-hop producer released his acclaimed debut album on Merck Records, which had critics comparing him to artists such as Four Tet, Sixtoo, Blockhead, RZA, and DJ Shadow. Next, Deceptikon justified the hype by winning The 2004 Portland Region Laptop Battle Competition. And now he's ready to prove once again that he can bring the heat live during his first show in Austin. So be prepared for some serious electrostatic boom-bap from this (possible) robot-in-disguise. [Website]


(Merck, Austin, TX)

Austin's own sonic microsurgeon, Proem (Rich Bailey), has prolific output that astounds almost as much as his unique brand of laptronix does. This dapper young genius never fails to coax all kinds of amazing sounds out of the ghosts that haunt his hard drive. Consequently, experimental techno-heads and IDM-fans worldwide have gotten hooked on exploring the limitless depths of Proem's crunchy beatscapes and lush electro-textures. [Website]

Also Playing:

DJs Majora y Minora

(Frescher-Southern, Austin, TX)

DJs Majora y Minora (Hillary Cardwell, Eric Wallenstein) -- fresh from gigs at Oscillate Night 07 and AMODA's Digital Showcase 31 -- will be playing host all evening long. With their arsenal of obscure vinyl plates that covers everything from italo-disco tearjerkers to electro-breakdance floorburners to groundbreaking tech-house moodsetters, these locals will be making sure the beats don't quit as they drop that pressure you won't hear anywhere else.

Self-Contained Unit

(Red Antenna, Austin, TX)

Austin's own Self-Contained Unit -- Stephen Thurman -- has been blipping and blurping the local scene with his warm, snythie, grooves for years. Always on.

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you there!

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