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A Frescher-Southern Communique


That's right, Frescher-Southern has two events during the same week. So after you've seen Legowelt on Saturday, January 15th, come check ON08 out at Elysium ("Best Dance Club in Austin," according to the Austin Chronicle Reader's Poll 2004). We're very happy to have Cylob coming back to Austin once again -- and we're excited to host some locals who haven't performed at one of our shows yet. Should be fun! And what else are you doing Wednesday night? Nothing, that's what.

- Josh Knowles

Oscillate Night 08

Join us for another night of electronic music and friends...

Wednesday, January 19th, 9pm - 2am


705 Red River

Price TBA



(Rephlex, London UK)

Chris Jeffs' cheeky releases as Cylob have numbered among Richard "Aphex Twin" James' Rephlex imprint's most celebrated recent releases. Although focusing more recently on a refined brand of ambient breakbeat and techno, Jeffs' stylistic palette includes crunchy, industrial-leaning techno, and new-school electro-funk. He returns to Austin after a spectacular show last summer. [Website]

Also Playing:

Inversion Effect

(Artificial Music Machine, Austin, TX)

Inversion Effect -- Martin McCreadie, Thomas Fang, and Dan Burton -- use both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation, composing dark soundscapes -- soundtracks for films that don't yet exist. [Website]


(Frescher-Southern, Austin, TX)

DXM will debut a whole new set of beats and catchy electronic melodies -- fresh for 2005. You'll be talking about it for days. [Website]

Spuz Köpter

(Austin, TX)

Retro-synth-tastic! With extra surprises... Spuz Köpter is also releasing a new album at the show. [Website]

DJ Homeschool

(Dallas, TX)

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you there!

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