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Happy New Year! 2005 should be a great year for Frescher-Southern as our Oscillate Night events continue to build steam. We've got two January events for you -- one on Saturday, January 15th at Ruta Maya and another just four days later on Wednesday, January 19th at Elysium. Both worth checking out... Also: The Austin Chronicle has started their yearly Austin music poll. Which is great. But. Notice something conspicuously missing? That's right: live electronic music (ie, not DJs). Like what we feature at our events. If you don't agree with this omission, you might consider sending them a friendly e-mail about it... About how Austin's live electronic music scene may be under the radar, but that's not stopping us from making, performing, and showcasing some of the best music out there right now. Represent! And we'll see you at the shows...

- Josh Knowles

Oscillate Night 07

Join us for another night of electronic music and friends...

Saturday, January 15th, 9pm - 2am

Ruta Maya

3601 S. Congress at Penn Field




(Bunker Records, The Netherlands)

Legowelt is Danny Wolfers. "Already a few years in the business Legowelt has released a dozen or so projects on various formats, most of them on good ol' vinyl released on homebase Bunker records, The Hague's legendary pioneering electronic music label. Sometimes these tracks spin out of the obscurity like an asteroid from a spacebelt and fly straight into the charts; such an event happened with 'Disco Rout' which was voted track of the year 2002 by the acclaimed german Groove magazine." [Website / Interview]

Orgue Electronique

(Bunker Records, The Netherlands)

"With his minimalistic and raw electro-funk Orgue Electronique creates the minimum for the maximum! ... You'll get the ultimate mixture of La Haia Coca Disco and Kraftwerk-wave pop, a total flashback of your worst teenage school parties, the unpleasant experience of everybody's having fun but me." Yow. [Interview]

Also Playing:

Macho Cat Garage

(Bunker Records, The Netherlands)


(Bunker Records, The Netherlands)

DJ Speculator

(Bunker Records, Brooklyn, NY)

DJs Majora y Minora

(Austin, TX)

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you there!

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