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Oscillate Night 4 with Cylob was a huge success! Check out the photos at the Frescher-Southern website, if you'd like. So. This month we're trying out a new location for Oscillate Night 5: Ruta Maya down in south Austin at Penn Field. Machine Drum from Florida will be back in town along with Eustachian. Good stuff.

- Josh Knowles

Oscillate Night 5

Join us for another warm night of electronic music and friends...

Saturday, October 16th, 10pm - 2am

Ruta Maya

3601 S. Congress at Penn Field



Machine Drum

(Merck Records, Orlando FL)

Often compared to Prefuse 73 and Funkstörung, Machine Drum (aka Travis Stewart from hurricane-struck Orlando) has developed his own flavor of IDM/hip-hop fusion. Pitchfork Media gave his debut album Now You Know a 9-out-of-10 rating ("Amazing"), calling the Machine Drum sound "street-smart, book-smart, beat-smart genius that melds caffeinated 8-bit dancefloor rhythms with sordid ghetto melodies and a shadowy sense of urban nostalgia." (Website)


(Upitup Records, Orlando FL)

Glitch/mash-up/IDM artist Eustachian (Machine Drum housemate Tony Welter) blends together sounds from across the board into a unique form of sonic weirdness. He's been touring across the US and Europe and finally makes a landing in Austin! (Website)

Also Playing:

The Dreamtigers

(Artificial Music Machine, Denton TX)

Denton, TX laptop-rock duo The Dreamtigers create chunky, pulsing, beat-full IDM that edges towards the darker end of the palette. The Dreamtigers were formally known as The Aleph (with a lead vocalist) and released their last album on Artificial Music Machine.

Ice Cream Creatures

(Papergoose Records, Austin TX)

Ice Cream Creatures are a dreamy, colorful digital pop trio from Austin, TX that exist in the same general vicinity of Múm and Figurine -- blended with an appreciation for 90s dream pop. They have a new album out on Papergoose Records.

DJ Mr. Fang

(Artificial Music Machine, Austin TX)

DJ Mr. Fang -- Thomas Fang from Austin -- has been spinning darker shades of IDM around Austin for years. A former KVRX DJ, Mr. Fang now co-manages local record label Artificial Music Machine.

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you there!

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